Benefits of Our Ingredients

Why We use what We use!


  • Black Pepper helps the body detox. I can aid in blood circulation and ease anxiety. It can also relieve joint and muscle pain

  • Cedarwood is great for treating eczema. Cedarwood has a lot of antiseptic and anti-fungal properties as well as inflammation. Cedarwood can be used as an aromatherapy and as an insect repellent. 

  • Geranium is great for the skin. Once used by the Egyptians, geranium not only reduces wrinkles but soothes and reduce redness in the skin. It is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. It even helps regulate hormones.

  • Jasmine is known for its aromatherapy properties and is a natural aphrodisiac. Jasmine is also great for general skin car such as dry skin, oily skin, and anti-aging. This fragrance will lift your spirits.

  • Lavender is known for its calming effects, but did you know it is also anti-depressive, antimicrobial and an antioxidant. It grabs all those free radical in the skin that bring out fine lines and wrinkles. Feel Good. Smell Good. Be Good.

  • Matcha Green Tea is a major antioxidant, protecting your screen from free radicals. Matcha has the ability to reduce redness and improve the complexion of skin.

  • Peppermint has many great properties. It can improve the overall health of your skin as well as protect your skin. It is an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial. This is really great for reducing redness and itchiness in skin. Peppermint Oil can be used as an insect repellent in the warmer months

  • Sandalwood is our favorite fragrance for men. It is a natural aphrodisiac. Sandalwood has astringent, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties. Not only will the man of your life look good, he will feel good.